Monday, January 26, 2009

Newsletter About to Launch

I decided to create an informational newsletter for people who want to communicate to the public about their natural or cultural site because I want to see a higher standard of interpretive panel in every park you and I visit. I want us to turn the page on the old-style panel that looks like it came from a textbook. And, I want you to know the latest National Park Service and National Association for Interpreters techniques for weaving memorable story through word and image.

Each bi-monthly issue of my new newsletter will highlight a tip on how to make your interpretive panels more beautiful and effective. Topics will cover How to discover Your Audience, How to Design for Readability, Which Fonts are Best, How to Design Color Into Your Panel, How to Write to Inspire Readers, and so on. By reading these tips, you should be able to think of new ways to convey your site's dynamic tale through the art of display.

Also, by applying the tips presented in this newsletter, you will discover a great side-benefit. All your site materials, be they brochures, nature guides, museum displays and more, will become increasingly more effective and valuable to your visitors.

I look forward to your comments. If you send me your own favorite tips on how to make beautiful, effective interpretive panels, and give me permission to do so, I will be happy to publish them in the newsletter and mention your name and park.