Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fox Kits on Their Own, May 29, 2009

I want to begin by saying how deeply touched I am by all your kind words and thoughts about the fox pups. I really had no idea how much you care. Thank you!

I also want to thank the very skilled and thoughtful (and specially trained and licensed) people I called to get advice on how to care for the pups. First off, I am very glad you all said "don't trap them." I found out I should simply feed them cut up mice (hmmm), or dog food and calcium, and make sure they have water. Several reassured me they will begin to care for themselves. But they are so tiny, I kept thinking to myself.

So thank you Danielle and Doris of Sonoma Wildlife Rescue, Tanya Smart who rescues marine mammals, Ronnie James who rescues birds, Sarah Grimes who rescued me, and Jackie Peltier who rescues young mammals. I also want to thank Judi, Nansee, Raven and Lynwood, my wonderful neighbors the river, who offered to come help.

Yesterday I set out a bit of food and a dish of water mixed with a lovely egg from the Flower Farm. The photo shows the pups investigating, but very nervous. In the past, they have been interested in the occasional tool or object I left in the garden. Now, they seem anxious about the dishes. They wriggle and start to approach, then race away. The little fuzzy runt seems to be the ringleader and gets the closest. In the photo you can see how much smaller and fuzzier the pup with her nose near the egg soup is. She is also the bravest. I think of her as female because a friend who photographs wildlife in Alaska, including foxes, said this was most likely a female. Not positive, though.


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