Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Baby Screech Owl orphans 7-10 days old
We interrupt Fox News to bring screech owls! My friend Ronnie James, founder and director of Woodlands Wildlife, holds numerous state and federal licenses to rescue and care for orphaned or injured birds. These baby screech owls were brought to her one spring. They are 7-10 days old and, as young birds, their eyes are closed and they are blind. Their nest tree was cut during illegal forest clearing done for an equally illegal “agricultural” project.  The babies could have been returned to their parents by putting up a nest box high on a tree, and their parents would have happily continued to raise them, but the entire site was an ecological disaster with heavy equipment rolling around removing all the trees and shelter. Woodlands Wildlife kept them in an incubator for a few days and every hour they dined on mealworms and fillet of mouse sprinkled with vitamins. To order a wonderful book from Woodlands Wildlife, full of stories of the animals Ronnie helped over 25 years, go to

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