Friday, July 10, 2009

Foxes and Little Owls, June 8, 2009

Good Morning,

The foxes moved back into the den beneath my house for sure yesterday. They are very active, bang around and dig a lot, and, they are..... nocturnal like their dad! (Great)

Since I woke up to their ruckus at an ungodly hour, I got to watch them at play when barely light. I saw four of them scampering and tussling and acting very aggressive around food. Dad looked on, very alert, but far more relaxed than when I first saw him just after the mom died.

As a treat, here are the owlets a few days older than the last photos. My friend is a bird rescuer, licensed with Fish and Game, so she is not breaking the law by handling these birds. Here is what she has to say:

"Well, these don't look too different if you're not right there to compare them, but they are 48 hours older, have a lot more dark feathering coming in, their eyes are opening more, they can sit up with their feet out in front of them, and they weigh a whole ounce more than before. The consensus seems to be Pygmy owls, but the jury is still out. The adult pygmy owls I've had will eat their weight in food every day, voracious eaters and hunters for such a tiny bundle. These guys are eating a whole mouse plus a dozen mealworms each per day."



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