Saturday, July 4, 2009

Not a Fox This Time, June 6, afternoon

Dear All,

My rescue advisor and Icy Micey source, who has been caring for wounded birds and abandoned chicks for decades and is licensed to do so, sent these words and photos. Unless the bird is too injured to ever heal and fly, she always raises them to be released in the wild.

"These three baby owls ... were found cold and hungry on the ground 48 hours ago. Now fat and sassy, I'm not sure if they are baby Pygmy Owls, which reach a height of 4-5 inches, or Screech Owls which will be about 6-7 inches. I'm leaning toward Pygmy because these tend to be rather boisterous and aggressive, while Screechies tend to be quiet and relaxed. A few feathers and I'll be able to make a decision. They weighed in at 3 ounces tonight; today's special being minced whole mouse topped with sauce of chicken organs and vitamins. I'm running a 5 star restaurant here. They eat every 3-4 hours and I reversed their schedules so they eat during the day and I sleep at night. I'll admit, I'm a little frazzled at the moment, but life here on the edge of the earth is never dull."



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